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(1) “FORMULA 1 – NUTRITIONAL SHAKE MIX” (MANGO / VANILLA / CHOCOLATE) A NUTRITIOUS MEAL WITH VITAMINE, MINERALS AND ESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS. PROTEIN AND HEALTHY FIBER HELP SUPPORT WEIGHT MANAGEMENT. 3 DELICIOUS FLAVOURS. # INGREDIENTS:- WHEY PROTEIN CONCENTRATE, SOY PROTEIN ISOLATED, FRUCTOSE, SUGAR,CORN BRAN , CELLULOSE POWDER,STABLIZER:INS412, CALCIUMCASEINATE,VITAMINES, POTASSIUM CHLORIDE,MINERALS, FRUCTOOLIGOSACCHARID, PSYLLIUM HUSK POWDER,GINGER ROOT POWDER,PAPAYA FRUIT POWDER. CONTAINS PERMITTED NATURAL COLOUR-100(I) & ADDED FLAVOUR- NATURE IDENTICAL AND ARTIFICIAL SUBSTANCES F1 makes a great tasting shake, specially formulated with high quality soy protein isolated, as a nutritional food product for dietary use. Packed with vitamins & minerals along with natural herbs, antioxidants and dietary fiber, it provides an ideal balance of protein and nutrition without overloading unnecessary fat and calories. One serving of formula 1 shake mix provides 90 kcals. of energy. Enjoy f1 shakes once or twice a day along with portion-controlled nutritious meals and exercise to help achieve ideal weight. Soy protein isolate is an excellent quality protein from vegetarian sources, it has a protein digestibility corrected amino acids score (PDCAAS) of 1. PDCAAS is the world standard for evaluating the quality of protein from different food sources and the highest possible score is 1. INSTRITION FOR USE: Simply beat, stir or shake approximately 25gms (approximately 3 tablespoons) F1 with 240 ml of cold skimmed milk, soymilk or your beverage of choice. MRP: - 1499 Rs. NET WEIGHT: - 500 g Serving size: 25 grams serving per container: 20 (Approximately 3 tablespoons) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “FORMULA 2: MULTIVITAMINE MINERAL & HERBAL TABLETS” ESSENTIAL VITAMINES, MANERALS AND ANTIOXIDANTS. SUPPORT YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM. COMPLIMENTS THE NUTRITION AVAILABLE IN F 1. INGREDIENTS:- MALTODEXTRIN(BULKING AGENT),POTASSIUM CITRATE, ANTIOXIDENT-300,STARCH,STEARIC ACID(BULKING AGENT), NIACINAMIDE, THIAMINE MONONITRATE, DL-ALPHA TOCOPHERYL ACETATE, POWDERED CELLULOSE(BULKING AGENT), PYRIDOXINE HYDROCHLORIDE, MAGNESIUM STEARATE,RIBOFLAVIN, D-CALCIUM PANTOTHENATE, BETA CAROTENE, BIOTIN, SELENOMETHIONIONE, RETINYL ACETATE, CHROMIUM NICOTINAE,VANADIUM AMINO ACID CHELATE, POTASSIUM LODIDE, ERGOCALCIFEROL, BROCCOLI POWDER, CARROT POWDER, GARLIC POWDER, SPINACHPOWDER, CAULIFLOWER POWDER, LICORIC ROOT POWDER,CYNOCOBALAMIN, FOLIC ACID, CHROMIUM POLYNICOTINATE. Multivitamin mineral & herbal tablets provide a unique blend of 23 essential vitamins, minerals and herbs. It includes the antioxidant vitamins. Leading nutritionists usually recommend intake of a multivitamin by adults daily. Helps a person who tends to overeat or eat lots of fast food. Especially helpful for people with stressful lifestyle and irregular eating habits. INSTRUTION FOR USE: One tablet of this unique blend is rich in essential vitamins and vital mineral with each of your three meals gives the best results. MRP: - 1373 Rs. NET QUANTITY: 90 n (tablets) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “FORMULA 3: PERSONALIZED PROTEIN POWDER” HELPS TO BUILD AND MAINTAIN LEAN MUSCLE MASS PROTEIN SUPPLEMENT TO SATISFY YOYR HUNGER. SOY AND WHEY PROTEIN AND ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS. INGREDIENTS:- SOY PROTEIN ISOLATED, WAY PROTEIN ISOLATE, STARCH. CONTAINS ADDED NATURE IDENTICAL AND ARTIFICAL FLAVOURING SUBSTANCES. SERVING SIZE: 6 grams (approximately 1 tablespoon) serving per container: 33 Personalized protein powder. Proprietary protein blend- Now you can get high-quality protein to help keep you from getting hungry and assist with good nutrition, fitness and health goals. Personalized protein powder is a convenient way to increase your protein consumption which helps to maintain your energy level between meals and helps you to maintain lean muscle mass. INSTRUCTION FOR USE:-Simply mix one to three tablespoons protein powder with your favorite’s beverage, with soup or gravies to get high quality of protein from soy and whey. MRP: - 890 Rs. NET WEIGHT: - 200 g ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “CELL ACTIVATOR” POWERFUL ANTIOXIDENTS. IMPROVES NUTRIENTS ABSORPTION. ENHANCES VITALITY AND ENERGY. INGREDIENTS:- ALPHA LIPOIC ACID, MALTODEXTRIN, CALCIUM CARBONATE,MICROCRYSTALLINE CELLULOSE,ALOE VERA LEAF EXTRACT, POWDERED CELLULOSE, CROSCARMELLOSE SODIUM, SODIUM STARCH GLYCOLATE, POMEGRANATE EXTRACT POWDER,STEARIC ACID, MAGNESIUM STEARATE, PYCNOGENOL, TRANS-RESVERATROL(REVIDA). Cell Activator includes select botanicals, nutrients and powerful antioxidants to support healthy aging. RECOMMENDED USE: -Take two tablets a day with shakes or meal. MRP: -1516 Rs. NET QUANTITY: 60 n (Tablets) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ”ACTIVATED FIBER” ADEQUATE DIETARY FIBER IS ESSENTIAL FOR GOOD HEALTH. INCLUDE CITRUS AND OAT TO INCREASE YOUR FIBER INTAKE. CLEANS THE SYSTEM AND GIVES FEELING OF FULLNESS. ASSISTS IN LOWERING BLOOD CHOLESTROL AND SUGER. REDUCE FAT ABSORPTION AND SUPPORT DIGESTIVE SYSTEM. INGREDIENTS:- POWDERED CELLULOSE, OAT FIBER, MALTODEXTRIN, ORANGE FIBER, STARCH, DEXTROSE, L-CARNITINE TARTRATE, PEA FIBER, STEARIC ACID (BULKING AGENT) INSTRUCTION FOR USE: One to two tablets taken with a full glass of liquid with each of your three meals gives the best results. ***This product may not suit children, and persons with gastrointestinal problems, ulcerative colitis, or crone’s disease or with symptoms of diarrhea or abdominal pain. *** MRP: -1120 Rs. NET QUANTITY: -90 n (Tablets) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “CELL-U-LOSS” REDUCES THE APPEARANCE OF UNSIGHTLY DIMPLED SKIN. HELPS ELIMINATE EXCESS BODY FLUID. HERBAL BLEND OF PLANT-BASED NUTRIENTS. INGREDIENTS:- ZEA MAYS (CORN SILK) EXTRACT,MALTODEXTRIN, SODIUM CHLORIDE, CALCIUM CARBONATE,MICROCRYSTLINE CELLULOSE,POTASIUM CHLORIDE, MAGNESIUM OXIDE, CROSCARMELLOSE SODIUM, STERIC ACID, TARAXACUM OFFICINATE (DANDELION LEAF) EXTRACT, PETROSELINUM CRISPUM (PARSELY HERB) EXTRACT,ASPARAGUS OFFICINALIS (ASPARAGUS ROOT) EXTRACT, SODIUM STARCH GLYCOLATE Cell-u-loss helps maintain appearance of healthy skin and supports healthy elimination of water. RECOMMENDED USE: -Take one tablet three times a day with meal. MRP: -1167 Rs. NET QUANTITY: -90 n (Tablets) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ “ALOE PLUS” HELPS TO GENTLY DISPOSE OF TOXINS ACCUMULATED IN THE BODY. BETTER ABSORPTION OF NUTRIENTS. ALOE VERA & OTHER HERBS ENHANCE DIGESTION & BOOSTS IMMUNITY. INGREDIENTS:- VEGETABLE CAPSULE, ALOE EXTACT POWDER (19.65%), FRUCTOLIGOSACCHARIDES, FO – TI ROOT POWDER, POWDERED CELLUOSE (BULKING AGENT), MALTODEXTRIN, STARCH, TAMARINDUS EXTRACT POWDER, HORSETAIL EXTRACT POWDER, CORIANDER EXTRACT POWDER, MAGNESIUM STERATE. ALOE PLUS – Aloe Vera extract tablet Stress, coffee, cigarette smoke, erratic eating habits, spicy foods can all upset the stomach and impair digestion. The aloe plant contains dozens of beneficial substances, include enzymes and vitamins. Aloe Vera, the key ingredient of aloe plus is known to facilitate digestion. In addition, it has the ability to gently dispose of the toxins accumulated in our system enabling to absorb. BENEFITS FROM THE NUTRIENTS BETTER ABSORPTION OF NUTRIENTS. ALOE VERA AND OTHER HERBS ENHANCE DIGESTION AND BOOSTS IMMUNITY. HELP TO GENTLY DISPOSE OF TOXINE ACCUMULATED IN THE SYSTEM. WHY DO I NEED ALOE PLUS? Digestion has been a major problem to most of us due to the food habits we have. Good health not only depends on what your body intake is but also on how well you remove the toxins from your system. Aloe plus helps soothe the digestive track and reduces chances of constipation. HOW CAN ALOE PLUS HELP ME? Aloe plus combines the goodness of aloe with ingredients like Fo-Ti root powder which is an immune booster. Tamarind is subject to reduce fever help as laxative and antiseptic. HOW DO I HAVE ALOE PLUS Aloe plus is recommend one tablet twice a day for long term good health. MRP: -725 Rs. NET CONTENTS: 60 n (capsules) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “DINOSHAKE” NUTRITIONAL CHILDREN’S DRINK MIX (CHOCOLIOUS) VITAMINS AND MINERALS SUPPORT HEALTHY GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT. ANTIOXIDANTS PROMOTE GOOD HEALTH. INGREDIENTS: CALCIUM CASENATE, SUCROSE, WHEY POWDER, MALTED MILK POWDER, COCA POWDER, FRUCTOSE, GLUCOSE, POTASSIUM CITRATE, CALCIUM SULFATE, SOY PROTEIN ISOLATE, NIACINCMIDE, BIOTIN, D-CALCIUM PANTOTHENATE, VITAMIN K, VITAMIN D2, PYRIDOXINE HYDROCHLORIDE, RIBOFLAVIN, THIAMINE MONONITRATE, CYANOCOBALAMIN, FOLIC ACID POTASSIUM IODIDE, SODIUM MOLYBDATE, SODIUM SELENITE. CONTAINS ADDED NATURE IDENTICAL AND ARTIFICIAL FLAVOURING SUBSTANCES INSTRUCTION FOR USE: Simply beat, stir or shake 2 tablespoons of dinoshake with glass of whole milk, juice or your favorite’s beverage. ***NOT FOR CONSUMPTION BY CHILDREN UNDER AGE 2*** MRP: -765 Rs. NET WEIGHT: -200g ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ “AFRESH” (GINGER / LEMON / ELAICHI / PEACH) INCREASE ENERGY AND FITNESS. RICH IN ANTIOXIDENTS. ENJOY THIS DRINK MIX HOT OR COLD. INGREDIENTS: - MALTODEXTRIN, ORANGE PEKOKE EXTRACT, GURANA SEED EXTRACT, ACIDITY REGULATOR – 330 AND CAFFEINE POWDER. CONTAINS ADDED NATURE IDENTICAL KLAVOURING SUBSTANCES Guarana has been used for centuries a natural source of energy. Enjoy afresh energy drink any time as a refreshing beverage. Please note this product is not decaffeinated. INSTRITION FOR USE: Mix 1 g of afresh with 180ml hot or cold water for a refreshing drink. MRP: -558 Rs. NET CONTENTS: 50 g + 1 n spoon free ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “HERBALIFELINE” GOOD HEALTH BEINGS FROM HEART ENHANCES HEART HEALTH WITH OMEGA 3’S HELPS MAINTAIN CHOLESTEROL AND TRTRIGLYCERIDE LEVELS. HAS BENEFITS OF VITAMIN E. INGREDIENTS:- OMEGA-3 FATTY ACIDS, EPA & DHA Include EPA and DHA Omega-3 fatty acids and a unique blend of herbs for cardiovascular health. HERBALIFELINE ADVANTAGE: - Omega softgels are comprised of premium-grade, deodorized fish oil and vitamin E. This small softgel is easy to swallow and its low-reflux formula leaves no “Fishy” taste during digestion. MRP: - 1834 Rs. NET VOLUME: 60 softgels ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ # HERBALIFE PERSONALIZED PROGRAMS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------! ! ! ! ! ! ! AVAILABLE PLANS ! TABLETS ! PERSONALIZED SHAKE ! HEALTHY MEAL ! ! ! Multivitamin, ! ! ! ! ! Activated fiber & ! ! ! ! ! cell Activator ! ! ! !---------------------!-------------------!-----------------------!------------------------------! ! ! ! ! ! ! Weight Loss ! 3 times a day ! 2 daily ! 1 times a day ! !---------------------!-------------------!-----------------------!------------------------------! ! Weight Maintenance ! 3 times a day ! 1 daily ! 2 times a day ! !---------------------!-------------------!-----------------------!------------------------------! ! Weight Gain ! 3 times a day ! 3 daily ! 3 times a day ! !---------------------!-------------------!-----------------------!------------------------------!

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